Products & Services: Soulmate Offers Sublime For Damaged Skin

 Products & Services: Soulmate Offers Sublime For Damaged Skin


Are you worried over your present looks and skin dryness? Are you desirous of lightning your skin evenly without resorting to bleaching, that may, at the long run, leave your body with different shades of colour?

Are you determined to regain your lost sparkling youthfulness? Then, consider use of Soulmate’s special offer, Sublime Eventone Crème/Lotion, a unique body product.

According to the producers, Sublime,  a skin lightening crème, “contains  alpha arbutin, designed to increase the crème surface tension by exfoliating damaged skin cells and restoring lost moisture to skin while fading spots.”

Soulmate Industries Limited, a top indigenous Nigerian company, said Sublime ‘is great for rejuvenating skin texture.”

Among the listed benefits derivable from Sublime’s use include:

“Improve the appearance of dull complexions;

Promote clarity and brightness, thus providing uniform skin tone.

“Reduces the appearance of aging spots and blemishes.

“Lightens or evens out skin tone to provide uniform complexion by lessening the concentration of melanin.

“Moisturizes the skin excellently.

“Possesses broad spectrum anti- microbial ability and Enhances bioavailability of cosmetic actives

“Protects the skin against the adverse effects of ultra violet radiation from the sun.

“Rich in various antioxidants, eliminating free radicals involved in some chronic diseases and aging.”

“It also protects the skin under harsh weather conditions and does not contain paraffin.”

Commenting on this unique crème,  Soulmate team said in their official 25th products development anniversary manual: “The good news; we pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients like Alpha Arbutin, Dimethicone, Collagen and Panthenol. This product does not contain Hydroquinone, mineral oil, Petroleum Jelly and Parabens.”