Peter Obi’s Supporters Launch #DignityInLabour Campaign After Tinubu’s ‘Labour To Death’ Comment

Peter Obi’s Supporters Launch #DignityInLabour Campaign After Tinubu’s ‘Labour To Death’ Comment

Supporters of Peter Obi have launched #DignityInLabour campaign following a critical comment by the Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

During the mega rally of the ruling party in Osun on Tuesday, Tinubu had described Labour Party and others as mushroom parties, saying “they would labour till they die.”

“Think about your children and vote accordingly, so you can see the future. Come out en masse. Don’t mind PDP and other mushroom parties – parties like Labour; they will labour till they die. God will not make you labourers,” Tinubu had said.

The comment has sparked outrage, especially on Twitter.

As a means to respond to Tinubu, Obi’s supporters started tweeting pictures of them in their various line of duty.

Below are some of such tweets:

@FS_Yusuf_ said, “#OBIDIENTS make we enter market o. Abeg na wetin u dey sell o. Open your shop make we see the dignity in your Labour o. You no dey thief. You no dey push drugs, na legit business God don use bless u. @PeterObi go make Naija better. That ur business go prosper #DignityInLabour.”

@BossEmpireNG: “#LabourChallenge … I’m a Chemical Engineer who also own a fashion and clothing outfit. I’m into private and corporate wardrobe setup and management. #DignityInLabour #DignityOfLabour.”

@Saidu_im wrote, “I am a super talented auto-electrical engineer. I can detect and fix literally any kind of electrical defect in any type of vehicle; from cars to heavy duty vehicles. Over 12yrs on this and you say I will labour in vain? #LabourChallenge #DignityInLabour #LabourParty.”

@reigndili said, “Baron BAT and his blind BATrats, There is no dignity in dealing with illegal drugs like heroin/cocaine. No dignity in money laundering, embezzlement & stealing of public funds. Real dignity lies in legit labour. #LabourChallenge #DignityInLabour.”

@OziomaEmmanuel3: “I believe in hard work I believe in decent earning I believe in Labour. There is #DignityInLabour #LabourChallenge.”

@Ndubuisi_Kalu2: “I’m a Tailor, me and my guys will not labour in vain; Amen! #DignityInLabour #LabourChallenge.”

@Onwa__: “As a solar installer, I’ll say #MakeWorkPay because there’s #DignityInLabour it’s the #LabourChallenge.”

@Olatmanuel: “I am a Graphic designer and also an M&E Officer I am PROUD of my Legit hustle! God forbid BAT thing go happen to our beloved country, Nigeria. Our Labour shalt never be in vain #DignityInLabour #LabourChallenge.”

@IDARAOKWOKI: “I’m a safety officerWe have chosen dignity over sycophancy. We have chose credibility over criminality. We are not criminals.

We are patriots. We are just Obidiently Yusful. #DignityInLabour #LabourChallenge #ObiDatti2023.”

@rael_jacobs: “After all the suffer, make I Labour in vain??? God forbid BAT thing!!! #DignityInLabour #LabourChallenge.”

@slimwishBone: “As a young lawyer in a country where clients find it hard to pay for legal services, I still maintain my dignity and labour diligently, I believe our labours will not be in vain,we shall reap the fruits of our diligent labour #LabourChallenge #DignityInLabour #DignityOfLabour.”

(Daily Trust)