UAE Announces Travel Visa Ban For Nigerians

UAE Announces Travel Visa Ban For Nigerians

Authorities of the United Arab Emirates Immigration have announced a visa ban on Nigerians.

They also stated that all submitted applications remain rejected and that the fees non-refundable.

Reports said the announcement was made on Friday in a notice issued to UAE’s trade partners in Nigeria including travel agencies.

So far, no reason has been given officially for the ban.

 But UAE authorities said in a notice to  Nigerian travel agents: “All Dubai applications submitted are now rejected. It is  general for Nigerians and approvals are on hold at the moment.

“Kindly advise your clients to resubmit C2=A0 applications when the issue is resolved between both governments.

Adebayo Adekunle, a Nigerian, whose visa to UAE is yet to expire, however told NewsOrient in Lagos that he does not expect anybody to stop him from traveling to Dubai with the visa. “I heard about the ban but since I still have visa to Dubai, I don’t see how the development will affect my planned travel.”