Why Nollywood Actor, John Okafor, Mr Ibu, Will Be Missed

Why Nollywood Actor, John Okafor, Mr Ibu, Will Be Missed

March 3, 2024 NewsOrient
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By Samuel Egburonu

Nollywood lovers across the world are in shock today over the death of John Okafor, popularly known by his stage name, Mr Ibu.

The actor, who has fought ill health for sometime now, gave up the ghost on Saturday evening at the age of 62.

He reportedly died at Evercare Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria.

Though a recipient of many important awards in the entertainment industry, Mr Ibu’s career success can be better attested to by the fact that before his death, he has became one of the most recognizable faces in Nollywood.

This is because his skill in character interpretation is both unforgettable and unique.

Though his physical make up suggests strict seriousness, Mr Ibu’s rendition of his comic roles will easily force any mourner to laugh even at the middle of the burial ceremonies of a beloved one.

If Mr Ibu is present today to comment on the import of his passing, it will not totally be out of his character to suggest he may simply laugh and concentrate his comments on his likely position in the midst of his ancestors.

Mr Ibu is one actor whose humour is packaged and rendered in a way that would force fans not only to laugh at life as it is but also to take deeper look at human struggles and the future.

Few hours after his death, top leaders in Nigeria have already joined millions of his fans to express shock over his death. Why are they showing so much concern? What does Mr Ibu mean to them and to his fans?

Is it not ironic that Mr Ibu would choose to join his ancestors at a time when reports suggested he was showing positive signs of recovery? Is this last choice of his (or is it fate) part of Mr Ibu’s rich subject in the grand school of life which he has bequeathed to mankind?

No doubt, Mr Ibu, all through his career in Nollywood, was a character to behold and to enjoy. Besides the entertainment value of his works, there is the need to note the depth and breath of his contribution to this our society of empty battles – a society bedevilled with man made pains.

All through his robust career as an actor of rare distinction, Mr Ibu fought against the foibles of our society, not only by laughing at it while maintaining strick facial expressions, but also by skillfully leading you and I to laugh at ourselves and our sorry society.

Whether he succeeded in this intricate enterprise is subject to further reviews.

Today however, one thing is certain, actor, social teacher, John Okafor (Mr Ibu), will be missed by millions of his fans across the world whose faces he skillfully put smiles on even in the midst of cruel difficulties and challenges.

Photo Credit: Daily Post Nigeria

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