The North Is Untapped Jewel, Says Obi In Gombe

The North Is Untapped Jewel, Says Obi In Gombe

The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi on Wednesday touched down with his campaign team in the Northeast state of Gombe otherwise known as the Jewel of the Savannah with a promise to secure and make the North the Jewel of the country.

Obi told a rally of mammoth crowd as well as town hall meetings of Women and youths in the state that he and his running mate Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmad have identified the vast arable land in the North as an untapped Jewel that make Nigeria a production country away from the current status of consumption.

The LP Presidential flag bearer told the people that a rebirth of the country is not achievable without turning the vast land in the country into our own gold and oil.

He said that, “the vast arable land of the North is a new vista that must be opened up to serve Nigeria and Africa.

He stated that the agricultural potential in the North is infinite and it’s through it that we can pull people out of poverty, export goods and earn revenue and increase our foreign exchange earnings.

Obi said that he and his Vice, Datti have the vigor, the vitality to do whatever we are promising, noting that they have clear records of achievements in public and private places.

He told the people they will invest heavily in education and Health because the two are needed to develop and tap the potentials of human capital for growth and development.

Obi told the cheering women that their children must go back to school as he and Datti will do everything to secure the country and the people will live well again.

“Nigerians want security, we cannot do anything unless we have a secure Nigeria. Nigerian children must not be out of school”

The Vice Presidential Candidate, Datti Baba Ahmad, and the National Chairman of Labour Party, Bar Julius Abure as well as other party faithfuls underscored the speech of the candidate that LP party team will create a new Nigeria.