The Best Of You

The Best Of You

Beauty & Poise

Yes, you are a beauty in your natural state. But it’s important to know that your hair, if properly maintained, will help bring out the best of you. 

Here are three simple tips on how to make your hair glow:

*Trim your hair regularly. It helps to give you an identifiable personality.

* Rinse your hair with cold water. This helps to keep it clean, natural and healthy.

(3) Avoid heat styling. This will help retain your hair’s natural tinge and glow.

* You can also enjoy hot oil treatment.

* Make use of a mild shampoo.

* Home made hair masks.

What You Eat Can Renew You!

Are you aware your look is influenced by what you eat? Eat right to remain young and fresh and to acquire that your dream poise.

There is no doubt you are wonderfully made by the creator. To look your best, just eat right, think right and carry yourself with dignity.

* One good ‘food’ that will help refresh you is healthy water! Drink enough water. A lot of it is good for you. Don’t underrate it’s effect on your health and looks. It will also help to bring out the best of you.