Stop Living In Self Denial, Abians Are Better Off With Otti, Labour Party Chieftain Tells Ikpeazu

Stop Living In Self Denial, Abians Are Better Off With Otti, Labour Party Chieftain Tells Ikpeazu

24th May 2024, NewsOrient

A cheiftain of the Labour Party in Abia State and a youth advocate, Engr. Nwabueze Onwuneme, has taken a swipe at the immediate past Governor of Abia State, Dr.Okezie Ikpeazu over his comments that God will soon hear the cries of Abians over the alleged hardship they are presently facing in the hands of the present government of Dr. Alex Otti in the state.

Dr.Ikpeazu had, while addressing members of his party, the PDP, in a meeting said that daily, Abians are now crying to God over the hardship in the state and had called the members of the party to all go home and restrategise in a bid to take over the realms of political power in the state in the next coming general election.

In a press release made available to newsmen, Onwuneme chided the former governor of living in self denial as it was actually the reverse as Abians now daily thank God for his exit and the gift of Governor Alex Otti who, in less than one year in office, surpassed the wasteful eight years of former Governor Ikpeazu whom he described as the worst Governor the state has produced in it’s history.

In other climes, Ikpeazu should at the moment be cooling off in jail as being ascertained by the disclosure of how he allegedly embezzled the funds of the state.

The latest of such allegations is the recent “Airport gate“ scandal. Uptill now, Abians, both at home and in diaspora, are still searching to see where it the multi billion Naira airport was built.

Onwumeme also queried the rationale why his fellow PDP members will still sit and listen to a man who was solely the undertaker of a once ruling party. The political party under Ikpeazu’s leadership as a sitting State Governor, suffered total defeat at the elections with him also not only losing his Senatorial bid but coming a distant third position.

Onwuneme used the opportunity to call on the EFCC Chairman to not only concentrate on former Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State but also on Ikpeazu, considering the publicized forensic report which can give the EFCC a leeway for investigation.

~ NewsOrient
24th May 2024