Save Nigeria, Pat Utomi Begs Leaders

Save Nigeria, Pat Utomi Begs Leaders

Nigerian professor of political economy and former presidential candidate, Professor Patrick Utomi, has appealed to current and past leaders such as former heads of state, academicians, faith leaders, and traditional rulers in the country to save it from going down.

The one time Chief Operating Officer of Volkswagen Nigeria made the passionate plea in a press statement titled ‘The Duty of Wisdom’, which he made available to TheNiche newspaper on Thursday, May 19.

In the statement, Pat Utomi noted that the many security, economic, moral, and managerial issues confronting the country have been worsened by events in Sokoto, Lekki in Lagos, and the unveiling of wholesale corruption by EFCC and concluded that Nigeria is troubled and the time to act is now.

The Centre for Value in Leadership founder also said the number of Nigerians questioning the ‘Nigeria Project’ has increased and prominent Nigerians must stem this tide before it’s too late.

He said, “When darkness looms over a nation, the wise, the privileged, and those who have been looked to in the past to show the way have a moral obligation and a call of duty to raise a torch or light a candle. Our country is troubled and the time to act is now.

“In the last week or two the many Security, Economic, Moral, and Managerial crisis confronting our country has been worsened by events in Sokoto, Lekki in Lagos, and elsewhere as EFCC keeps unveiling wholesale corruption.

The number of Nigerians questioning the Nigeria project has been growing. We must stem both this tide and the slide in the State of affairs of Nigeria. And we can make this a tipping point for renewal.

“The elders of the land, the wise and the learned must act now with great dispatch to lift up that which binds us and that which sets the compass to the true North.

Past senior leaders like former heads of state, the Great Elder academics, faith leaders, and noted traditional rulers need to offer reassurance to worried citizens and suggest a path forward. Nigeria can start afresh and rediscover greatness.”

The erudite scholar added that Nigeria had been such a shining example for African and the black race and urged all patriots to emulate our founding fathers by ensuring we do not allow the present challenges to dim the hope of the people of the country.

“Nigeria has been of such value for the aspirations of Africans if not of black people the world over to allow present challenges to dim the hope of the people of this country of promise. I want to Appeal in the name of the founding fathers of this country, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Dr. Michael Okpara, and Sir Ahmadu Bello that all true patriots to the guidance of wisdom, and the wisdom of moderation, in making passionate claims about who is right or wrong to many troubles that confront us for those be passions may lead to throwing away the baby with the water,” Pat Utomi added.

Source: TheNiche