Ifelodun LCDA Is Experiencing Fast Development, Thanks To Hon Okeowo’s Administration – Hon Ilesanmi

Ifelodun LCDA Is Experiencing Fast Development, Thanks To Hon Okeowo’s Administration – Hon Ilesanmi

18th June 2024, NewsOrient
Governance And Development, News

The Executive Chairman of Ifelodun LCDA, Hon Mayor Akanbi Okeowo, has been given thumps up for his efforts in improving the quality of education and the general lifestyle of the residents of the area.

Ward F Councillor for Ifelodun LCDA, Hon Ilesanmi Elijah Tosin, said this recently in a chat with news men.

The Councillor who is the Chairman, Committee on Education and Library Services, explained that since the incumbent chairman assumed office, there has been tremendous improvement in the quality of education in the area and the social welfare of the citizens.

To stop the students in Ifelodun from trekking long distance to attend other secondary schools outside the LCDA, the present local government administration has established two more schools to accommodate the large number of students from that area.

In the area of provision of infrastructures, more secondary schools have been established.

“We have Alaba Oro High School , there is one in Layeni. The establishment of these two new secondary schools have helped our children who normally trek from Amukoko to Tolu to attend school. In that area, the government have tried, with our representative at the State House of Assembly Hon Saad Lukman Olumoh.

This has been a consenscious effort by the leader to have a secondary school established apart from Cardoso and Gaskiya College. Those two secondary schools, added to the already existing ones have helped to reduce the stress our children are going through under the leadership of our able chairman Hon Mayor Okeowo”, he noted.

The Councillor said a lot is being done by the government to encourage children to go to school and also easy the burden of buying school materials by parents and payment of bursary to indigent students.

“As the chairman committee on Education and Library services, Ifelodun LCDA, we have made considerable progress in that sector like the provision of the bursary award for our indigent students in the tertiary institutions. We have also done well in the area of provision of school items like school books, both text books and writing books, uniforms, school sandals and also provide the necessary infrastructural development to make the children comfortable in their classrooms and make learning easy for them. This government has done well in that aspect. Looking at the passage of the budget in education, the budget implementation is being followed to the letter by the executive”, he explained.

Hon Oluwatosin however thanked the chairman for his various welfare programmes that cut across, the youths, elderly and the market woman. For instance, the Okemoney where petty traders are given ₦50,000 to boost their business is in its 8th edition. There’s also a programme that ensures that every month ₦10,000 is transferred to 500 aged people every month that is, men from 70 years and women from 65 years.

Again 200 young families receive ₦10,000 monthly to keep their family going because of the hardship faced by Nigerians. Then 500 youths receive ₦10,000 monthly, while about 200 residents get free drugs for ailments like diabetes, hypertension and malaria after undergoing medical screening.

He also eulogised the chairman for his various road projects within the LCDA, in addition to the clearing of the drainages which has helped to reduce the incidences of flooding in the area. Moreover, the construction of water systems within the seven wards that make up the LCDA has also raised the standard of living of the residents.

Ilesanmi Tosin who is hoping to come back for a second term as a representive of Ward F, also appreciated the house leader Hon (Alhaja ) Salaudeen Atinuke Fatimon, for her efforts in guiding the legislature and also creating harmonious working relationship with the executive. He also praised the former deputy speaker Hon Kolawole Taiwo, for his mentorship and advise since he joined the murky waters of politics.