Dapo Thomas Speaks On Implications Of Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Dapo Thomas Speaks On Implications Of Russia-Ukraine Crisis

An international scholar, Dr. Dapo Thomas, has called on the United Nations Security Council to remove Russia as a Permanent member of the Council for its act of aggression against Ukraine.

Dr Thomas made this call at a public lecture organized by the Rotary Club of Ikeja, Lagos State, where he was the guest speaker.

The Rotary Club of Ikeja had invited Dr Thomas for a knowledge – sharing session on the topic; “Political and international relations implications of Russia invasion of Ukraine for our continent”.

Thomas, an international relations expert, who majors in foreign policy, was able to dissect the hostilities between Ukraine and Russia.

According to him, it will be unfair if after this invasion by Russia, all that the United Nations Security Council can do is to place sanctions without removing Russia from the Council.

Dr Thomas described the situation in Ukraine as unfortunate because war isn’t always the solution to misunderstandings between two countries as innocent people are always the victims of war.

He further explained that he is an advocate for peace and would not in any way support the action of the Russian President.

In his words; “it is very shocking that a member of the United Nations Security Council is threatening the world with nuclear weapons, despite being a signatory to the 1968 Non-Proliferation Treaty. Using historical antecedents to support his point , Dr Thomas called the Russian action an act of aggression.

Explaining why the United States never gets sanctioned when they attack other countries, Dapo Thomas explained that the US always ensured that the UN Security Council authorises its attacks.

Responding to the question of a member of the Club, Rotarian Niyi Adelaja on why the US is always behaving like the “policeman of the world”, Dapo Thomas said that we would continue to see the United States as the “policeman of the world” because they continue to fund and enforce most of the activities and resolutions of the United Nations.

The Lecture was an interactive one where the audience was allowed to also contribute to the discussion and give their take on the matter.

Questions were also asked by members and guests of the club.

The lecture lasted for three hours which was followed by a round table discussion among the members of the club, including the guest speaker, Dr. Dapo Thomas.