Abia Pensioners Shower Praises On Gov Otti, Celebrate Payment Of Full Pensions

Abia Pensioners Shower Praises On Gov Otti, Celebrate Payment Of Full Pensions

28th April 2024, NewsOrient
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Abia State pensioners are in excited mood this weekend following prompt payment of their pensions in full by Dr Alex Otti-led Abia State Government, NewsOrient reports.

We learnt that celebrations are currently ongoing in almost every home and family in Abia State today.

Pensioners, who before the coming of Governor Alex Otti, had been in grief and mourning, have reason to celebrate once again.

Having received the pension arrears owed them for several years by the immediate past administration and PDP government in Abia State, last month by Governor Otti, the pensioners are today dancing and singing songs of joy with thanksgiving to God for wiping away their tears, using Dr Otti, who most of them described in their written testimonies online as “God-sent Governor.”

It would be recalled that Governor Otti had earlier promised that pensioners in Abia State would henceforth, on or before the 28th of every month, beginning April this year, receive their full pensions.

In fulfillment of this promise, NewsOrient learnt that pensioners in Abia State started receiving alerts of full pensions and entitlements since Saturday, April 27, 2024.

Some WhatsApp messages shared by some of the excited Abia pensioners, available to NewsOrient, read: “Good morning my fellow senior citizen. I got the April pension by 11.00pm last night 27th April, 100% as promised by our God sent Governor. May God bless Dr Otti.”

Another wrote: “My people words cannot express what I see this morning. In fact I don’t know if I am dreaming alert of pension fully paid. God is this this happening life.

Chaiiii oh my God of the widows indeed bless chioma our God sent governor. God bless our senior citizens too. Good morning all so excited my bank is first bankoooooo.”

Commenting on the development, Mazi Chidindu Onyedi, a senior citizen residing in Umuahia told NewsOrient that “payment of pensions is a godly act.”

He said, “as senior citizens, most of us gave our best to the state. Now, we are weak and vulnerable. So, for this government under Dr Alex Otti to remember us, we see both the governor and the government as God sent. The previous Abia State Governments maltreated us so wickedly and used the pensions of the weak and elderly to play their dirty politics while many pensioners died heartbroken and as a result of severe lack and frustration.

So, all the pensioners rejoicing today are happy that the story of Abia has changed today for good. May God bless Governor Alex Otti and his team.”

~ NewsOrient