2023: I Neither Blasted Northern Elders Nor Rejected PDP Consensus Candidacy – Obi

2023: I Neither Blasted Northern Elders Nor Rejected PDP Consensus Candidacy – Obi

Former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, has dismissed a viral story where it was alleged that he blasted the Northern Elders and also rejected Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) consensus candidacy for the 2023 presidential election.

Obi denied such news, saying it was false and cheap propaganda.

A statement on Sunday from Obi’s Media Office, signed by his Media Adviser, Barr Valentine Obienyem, showed that Obi did not at any point “blast” or reject the consensus candidacy position of PDP.

“Anyone who has followed Peter Obi”s political journey will agree that he sticks to issue-based politics. He does not go around criticizing people, organisations or institutions blindly. He invests his focus, energy and time on preferring solutions to the myriads of challenges burdening our nation, Nigeria.

“As a loyal party member, Peter Obi has always abided by the rules, regulations and decisions of the party. He cannot possibly criticize the party’s decision in public,” Obienyem said.

Reacting to to the viral video where it was alleged that Obi rejected the consensus candidate position of the party, Obienyem said: “I just read through it and they claim ‘Peter Obi addressed reporters after paying a visit to AIT office.’ But they failed to provide the where and when, which are fundamental elements of verifying any credible news report.

If the medium based their report on what Obi said after one of his consultations, then they might have, out of mischief or incompetence or both, deliberately misrepresented Obi by reporting him out of context.

“Obi simply stated that Nigerians care less about whether a consensus candidate emerges or not, but they desire a competent, credible and capable leader who will rescue the nation from all round decadence and position it on the path of progress.

“Therefore, as a party faithful, Peter Obi will neither stand against nor publicly criticize any progressive decision taken by the Peoples Democratic Party.

“Beyond party politics, he desires for a candidate willing and capable of serving Nigeria at the highest level, and piloting the nation out of its present deplorable state. That is what he desires, whether the candidate emerges through consensus arrangement or not,” Obienyem concluded.

He advised media practitioners to avoid telling unverifiable stories capable of heating up the polity.